Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Obedience is SOO important. And being obedient is usuallly something that we don't wanna do, but it's something we do for the Lord because we love the Lord. As we obey the Lord more and more it will become easier. We will become more obedient and do it without kicking and screaming... We need to be a blessing to people and that comes through obedience two the Lord.

Something else the Lord has been showing me is we need to stop taking offense. When we get offended we are opening the door for unforgiveness and bitterness. Not getting offended goes in line with walking in love, because walking in Love, you see the best in people. You belive the best of things. Like if someone said some things that are hurtful you try to see the best. Like maybe they were just having a hard day and they took it out on me. People that are easily offended are insecure, they always wanna be told how good they are and when they aren't told things to build them up they get offended. They constantly need people holding them up with compliments. We need to seek the Lord and find out who we are in the Lord, so when someone comes to hurt us we wont get offended. Because the Lord is our defense. So I encourage you today to seek the Lord and find your confidence in Him.

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