Monday, May 16, 2011


Today I had a great day with the Lord. =] I was driving around a lot so i had tons of time to talk with Him. I had been feeling kinda dry and that time with Him was much needed. I was able to talk and praise Him in the car while driving and I could feel such a passion to push even deeper with my relationship with Him. So I got to church and we had an awesome service. Well as soon as service ended the devil came to rob me of what I received this whole day. Some things happened and I was left feeling rejected and hurt. =/ Right away my Pastors message came to mind declare peace. Peace of mind. I WILL NOT LET THE DEVIL TAKE MY PEACE AND MY JOY!! And despite wanting to throw myself a little pity party I started talking to the Father and finding my comfort in Him. Many times I just run inward and have a pity party and sulk in my sorrow but I'm tired of living like that because so far that hasn't done anything for me. So instead of giving into my flesh I fought against what I was feeling and ran into the arms of my Father. He is such a good God =] What was meant to make me fall I took victory over it. So when you guys are feeling down or rejected or hurt don't listen to what you "feel" listen to the Father. and His amazing love will comfort you and build you back up. I still have trouble with this sometimes but I'm slowly finding out how much the Lord loves me and how I can truly trust Him with everything. And I know He will always comfort me in the hard times =] Well be blessed guys and have a blessed day! =]

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Friday, May 6, 2011


So many times we get caught up on what we feel. We have to realize many times the devil is messing with our emotions. Like if someone doesnt say hi our mind wanders omg what a jerk i dont know what their problem is and maybe they just had a lot on their mind and they werent paying attention. We need to keep our emotions in check. And use the word of God to keep them in check. Because many times when we feel something we become irrational and then we get into strive. This is what ive been learning to do. Keep those feelings of rejection and strive in check cuz most of the time when i hear the whole story i realized i got all worked up for no reason. Well i just wanted to share that with u cause thats what im learning to do. And its hard sometimes...i still give into my emotions but now i catch myself and i keep them in check and i continue on my love walk and i dont stray...and least not like i used to ;) be blessed guys!! And have a good day!
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Empty Words

Empty words have become a familiar sound to my ears
They flow from my lips with out care
Empty words have consumed the way i live
The words I speak,I speak with good intentions
But they soon become empty filled with regret
Empty words come from emptiness
Its evident I haven't filled up
or maybe I've been filling up with the emptiness of the world
The only words I've heard that are filled with promise are the words from the Father
His words have brought life to me
His words are why I have hope that one day the words i say will bring life to others
And the empty words i once spoke will no longer be

Sunday, May 1, 2011


The shallowness of this world hurts my soul
Shallow people are the cause of rejection
I seen them and I despise them
And as i look in the mirror I see the worst of it
I judge and i hate on them
But I'm the same
I claim to love the Father
But in my shallowness I've yet to find my first love
I've heard about Him
Heard bout what He did for me
But i know nothing
I claim to love the Father
How can I love someone I don't know
This stranger called Jesus has saved my life
And in my shallowness I've yet to know Him
I praise Him and worship Him
at church...
I worship and praise someone I barely know...
How is that possible??
How can i stand there and tell Him He's amazing
When I don't know Him

In my shallowness I forgot to love Him
I...self... has been to important to love the one who died for me
In my shallowness His love still remains
He covers the bad I've caused
How can He love someone so shallow and so broken
A love I can't comprehend
And yet self is still more important
Why is that??
I know He's the only God
But no revelation
I've heard this and I've heard that
But self has taken reign
I've been living the good life
a life the world says to live
a life that has brought.....
Well a life that has brought torment and hurt....
A life that hasn't been worth living
a shallow life
The only way to change
Find the truth
Find a relationship
Find Him
Know Him
and His truth will MAKE you free.

Hey, I'm back. =]

It's been awhile but i have some much to share with you guys. Please forgive me for being gone for soooo long. but the Lord is doing great things and i can't wait to write more and share with you what the Lords been showing me. Heres a song that i can't get enough of

First Love by ALM:UK


The times when everything is going wrong
How can I fix what I've done?
I get so angry and let it captivate me

I'm broken inside
The hurt that has scarred my heart for so long has become apart of me
I know nothing more
It's been apart of me for so long
What will happen if I let it go?
It's just gonna happen again
Why let myself get to the point where I'm so vulnerable
It's just gonna happen again

How do I trust a God I've never seen
How can He possibly know how I feel
How can He mend a heart so broken
How can I trust He won't fail me
Like all the Rest

I'm broken inside
The reminisce of it stains the words that come out of my mouth
It's a broken way of life

I can't do it!
I can't live like this anymore
My tormented soul has taken reign for so long
and It's brought nothing good
I can't live like this

So Lord I'm scared
But I have to let this go
You Died for my sins
You went to the cross for what I've done
You took the stripes to make me whole

So heal my heart
Invade my heart
I'm trusting in You
I'm finally trusting You

Invade my heart
I'm not a vessel to do nothing but glorify the one who died for me.