Friday, November 20, 2009

My Surprise

A Friend of mine recently got engaged to this woman he had been dating for some time. We all knew they would get married it was only a matter of time. What I didn't expect was for them to get married in a few months because she was pregnant. My first reaction was like man that sucks but congrats; He's wanted a family for awhile now and he's getting it now.
He is a missionary and it setting up churches and outreaches in another country. He is a man that I respect a lot and his fire for the Lord is so contagious. So this news took me by surprise a little bit..but not to much... I was thinking about it and i thought "oh well it happens." and that was that. Later I was talking to my boyfriend about it and I kind of got upset because I realize that it wasn't a big deal to me that she was pregnant. It didn't faze me. And I was thinking about how my boyfriend and I want to do things right and not do anything before marriage but if it wasn't a big deal to me that they had past their boundaries and got pregnant then it was only a matter of time before I past my boundaries with my boyfriend. Because after all "it happens". I hadn't been placing a value on those boundaries that we had set already. I think there were times when we played with the boundaries but we didn't pass them. But if we continued on that path then we would start passing those boundaries and then we would have gone to far.
This is a subject that sooo many people talk about..purity..For me before I had my boyfriend I was like there is nooo way I would ever cross that line that is something for a married couple but as time went by it became less of a thing we hadn't done it but we were on a path leading to it. So when I found out about my friend the Lord showed me that if you don't set boundaries and abide by them then as people say "it just happened" and that will happen. And I refuse to be apart of the group that "loves Jesus" but doesn't follow His word. I want to set an example and be that example and let others know that is it possible to live a pure life. It is possible to not have sex before marriage.

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