Tuesday, August 4, 2009


We were created in God’s image. When you call yourself ugly or fat you are not only saying that about yourself, but you are saying that about the Lord. You are insulting His beautiful creation, you are the way you are because that's how He wanted you to be.

When you surrender to Him and you become a woman or man of God, beauty comes from within. He awakes you soul; He sparks something in you that no one else can do. He fills the holes in your heart, He completes who you are.

Beauty is who you are in Christ. Beauty is opening yourself up, being vulnerable. When we hear that word it’s scary, because no one’s likes to be in a state of vulnerability but it’s so necessary. There is a beauty in being vulnerable, but being vulnerable is so often abused. That’s why we need to guard our hearts.

We need to let the Lord be our guide; He doesn’t want us to be hurt at all. But when we choose to live our lives the way we want to, we step out of His covering. We let ourselves be open to the devil, open to his lies. And we ignore what God wants for us, and when we get hurt we blame God, because He shouldn’t have let us go through that. Really, we were the ones who turned away from Him; we stepped out of His will. He guides us so we don’t have to have our hearts broken but its’ our choice to listen.

He creates us to be vulnerable so we can have a relationship with Him. So we can love without holding back. But because we have been so hurt in this life we close ourselves up, we choose not to be vulnerable so we don’t’ have to be hurt again. That is why when someone says I love you these days it doesn’t s mean much, because so much of them is closed up. It’s a word that has been said over and over so people can “gets some” Love has been confused with lust’ few really know what love is these days. People close themselves up so they don’t have to feel pain, so they can never really love someone and give themselves to someone because they have so many walls up. They don’t open up to anyone because then that’s getting close to someone, too close. But to really love you have to put those guards down and be vulnerable. You have to let them in, so they can know the real you, not a stupid front that you put up. If you don’t let the real you come out then that relationship won’t work because you’re always gonna be someone you’re not and eventually you will get tired of not being yourself and you won’t’ want to be with that person anymore because they don’t even know the real you.

To be in love is something that we desire but don’t know how to love because of all the walls that we’ve built up. Or maybe we don’t’ think that we deserve to be loved so we shove those desires away and we put ourselves in a relationship that is something we don’t deserve, but to us we feel like that’s all we deserve. But no one deserves to be used, abused, or ignored. Love is something that everyone deserves to have. Los is something we need, we are created to love.

We need to understand that love is something that you can’t put into words it’s shown from the inside out. It’s when you’re so captivated by something or someone that is changes how you see things. It makes you want to be better then you already are. Love brings the best out of you. When you love you are truly selfless. The small things don’t matter because loving someone is seeing past their imperfections. It’s seeing them as God sees then, perfect. When you’re in love you can’t ever explain it. Love awakens something in you. It awakens that desire to feel needed and wanted.

We have to realize though, that the Lord should be the center of all relationships because He created us to love and be love. God is love; He’s the one that shows us how to love unselfishly. He wants us to find someone to love, that’s why we need to trust Him and let Him guide us because He won’t steer us wrong, and He won’t let us be with someone who will hurt us. He doesn’t want us to hurt; it hurts Him so much when we are hurting. So why would we not trust Him, He wants what’s best for us. He wants us to be happy and joyful.

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