Sunday, May 1, 2011


The shallowness of this world hurts my soul
Shallow people are the cause of rejection
I seen them and I despise them
And as i look in the mirror I see the worst of it
I judge and i hate on them
But I'm the same
I claim to love the Father
But in my shallowness I've yet to find my first love
I've heard about Him
Heard bout what He did for me
But i know nothing
I claim to love the Father
How can I love someone I don't know
This stranger called Jesus has saved my life
And in my shallowness I've yet to know Him
I praise Him and worship Him
at church...
I worship and praise someone I barely know...
How is that possible??
How can i stand there and tell Him He's amazing
When I don't know Him

In my shallowness I forgot to love Him
I...self... has been to important to love the one who died for me
In my shallowness His love still remains
He covers the bad I've caused
How can He love someone so shallow and so broken
A love I can't comprehend
And yet self is still more important
Why is that??
I know He's the only God
But no revelation
I've heard this and I've heard that
But self has taken reign
I've been living the good life
a life the world says to live
a life that has brought.....
Well a life that has brought torment and hurt....
A life that hasn't been worth living
a shallow life
The only way to change
Find the truth
Find a relationship
Find Him
Know Him
and His truth will MAKE you free.

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