Sunday, May 1, 2011


The times when everything is going wrong
How can I fix what I've done?
I get so angry and let it captivate me

I'm broken inside
The hurt that has scarred my heart for so long has become apart of me
I know nothing more
It's been apart of me for so long
What will happen if I let it go?
It's just gonna happen again
Why let myself get to the point where I'm so vulnerable
It's just gonna happen again

How do I trust a God I've never seen
How can He possibly know how I feel
How can He mend a heart so broken
How can I trust He won't fail me
Like all the Rest

I'm broken inside
The reminisce of it stains the words that come out of my mouth
It's a broken way of life

I can't do it!
I can't live like this anymore
My tormented soul has taken reign for so long
and It's brought nothing good
I can't live like this

So Lord I'm scared
But I have to let this go
You Died for my sins
You went to the cross for what I've done
You took the stripes to make me whole

So heal my heart
Invade my heart
I'm trusting in You
I'm finally trusting You

Invade my heart
I'm not a vessel to do nothing but glorify the one who died for me.

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