Monday, May 16, 2011


Today I had a great day with the Lord. =] I was driving around a lot so i had tons of time to talk with Him. I had been feeling kinda dry and that time with Him was much needed. I was able to talk and praise Him in the car while driving and I could feel such a passion to push even deeper with my relationship with Him. So I got to church and we had an awesome service. Well as soon as service ended the devil came to rob me of what I received this whole day. Some things happened and I was left feeling rejected and hurt. =/ Right away my Pastors message came to mind declare peace. Peace of mind. I WILL NOT LET THE DEVIL TAKE MY PEACE AND MY JOY!! And despite wanting to throw myself a little pity party I started talking to the Father and finding my comfort in Him. Many times I just run inward and have a pity party and sulk in my sorrow but I'm tired of living like that because so far that hasn't done anything for me. So instead of giving into my flesh I fought against what I was feeling and ran into the arms of my Father. He is such a good God =] What was meant to make me fall I took victory over it. So when you guys are feeling down or rejected or hurt don't listen to what you "feel" listen to the Father. and His amazing love will comfort you and build you back up. I still have trouble with this sometimes but I'm slowly finding out how much the Lord loves me and how I can truly trust Him with everything. And I know He will always comfort me in the hard times =] Well be blessed guys and have a blessed day! =]

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  1. God will never reject you, but the Devil will continually lie to you to make you feel rejected and worthless.

    Well done for immediately realising this and going straight to the Father for his truths.

    Keep feeling blessed!