Friday, May 6, 2011


So many times we get caught up on what we feel. We have to realize many times the devil is messing with our emotions. Like if someone doesnt say hi our mind wanders omg what a jerk i dont know what their problem is and maybe they just had a lot on their mind and they werent paying attention. We need to keep our emotions in check. And use the word of God to keep them in check. Because many times when we feel something we become irrational and then we get into strive. This is what ive been learning to do. Keep those feelings of rejection and strive in check cuz most of the time when i hear the whole story i realized i got all worked up for no reason. Well i just wanted to share that with u cause thats what im learning to do. And its hard sometimes...i still give into my emotions but now i catch myself and i keep them in check and i continue on my love walk and i dont stray...and least not like i used to ;) be blessed guys!! And have a good day!
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