Thursday, January 14, 2010

Praise and Worship

At my church my Pastor assigned the Praise and Worship team to do a small report on praise and worship. So here is what i found.

About a week after trying MY hardest to learn about praise and worship I stopped everything and began talking to the Lord. In the background I had Jesus Culture playing and the Lord told me to just listen and watch (I had it playing on youtube) the worship leader. I watched as she poured out her heart singing to the Lord. Every word she sand came straight from her heart. Her passion to please the Lord, her passion to serve the Lord and love of the Lord was SSOO intense. Her passion for the Lord was her driving force. I can’t praise the Lord without a passion for Him. When I praise the Lord I tell Him how great He is, how He is so wonderful, how He is the one and only true God! How can I tell Him all those things without a passion for Him. When I worship the Lord it’s for Him. When I worship the Lord it’s for the Lord, to bless Him and honor Him, because He is so worthy. Praise and Worship is not for me but for the Lord. Worship is to love without questions. Praise is to lift up and honor. So how can I enter into praise and worship asking the Lord to fill ME, bless ME, and show ME His love? How selfish is that, and even in my selfishness He still chooses to bless me. What an AMAZING Father. When I go into praise and worship thinking about what I want to get out of it that is worshipping me, putting me before the Father. Praise and worship is so we can honor the Father and tell Him how great He is. When we enter into worship we need to sing every word with a passion to please Him, sing every word because it’s the cry of our hearts. We have to believe EVERY word we are saying because we are singing it to the Father to praise Him and we CANNOT be singing to the Lord and not mean what we say. That isn’t praising Him. He is so awesome the least we can do is tell the Father how magnificent He is.

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