Saturday, January 23, 2010

Practice what you Preach =]

There are soooo many messages that I've heard about this. Practice what you preach. Be a doer. And for sooo long my attitude was yea yea I know... but recently the Lord has been holding me to the things I speak more then ever.

My church has been starting new bible studies and few have been showing up. I realized that so many people clock in and clock out on Sundays and Wednesdays. And when they come on sundays and wednesdays they are looking for the "fix" with the Lord. "Lord give me strength, give me peace, give me patient...etc"

I think when you are a baby christian this is ok because you don't know any better, but as someone who has grown up in church and known the Lord since I was little, that doesn't fly for me anymore. When I go to church it is to add on to my time spent with the Lord. It's to add to my knowledge of the word, not to keep me filled up the next bible study. We can't live from bible study to bible study. We have to build our relationship with the Lord everyday, we have to live it everyday. We can't be on fire for the Lord on Sunday and living like an atheist by Monday. This is something that I haven't completely conquered. There are times when I'm running on empty, but I'm trying to change my life and stop letting my laziness rule my life.

I think that it is a daily thing we have to do. CHOOSE to serve whether you feel like it or not. CHOOSE to get in the Word. CHOOSE to pray for others. CHOOSE to live what you preach.

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